Becoming an Arbitrator

Thank you for your interest in becoming an AF member arbitrator. With more than 743,000 disputes resolved annually around the country, it is clear that the member arbitrators are a vital force that makes the Intercompany Arbitration process such a success. Arbitrators' contribution to the insurance industry results in:

  • Reducing case turnaround time
  • Reducing disputed claim-handling costs

Arbitrators become the in-house arbitration experts by:

  • Learning good and bad or alternative ways to prepare a file for arbitration
  • Becoming more familiar with AF's rules and regulations
  • Participating in focus groups on local issues
  • Sharing knowledge gained with others in the office
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Eligibility Criteria

What are the requirements for becoming an AF arbitrator? Read more >>>

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How to Become an Arbitrator

Are you ready to apply? Follow these instructions to begin the process.

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Getting Your Certification

Already a member arbitrator, but want or need to become certified? Learn more about the arbitrator certification process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about exams, certification, and more.