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AF training workshops focus on practical application of the rules, regulations, and procedures of each arbitration program... at no cost to you!


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About Membership

Membership to Arbitration Forums is FREE and offers numerous benefits to its members.

Resolution of disputes takes only a fraction of the time compared to litigation. The time it takes from filing your case to hearing your case is usually less than 90 days

Dramatic reduction in legal cost/expense. There are no court costs or legal fees

No membership fees. Arbitration Forums charges a minimum filing fee of $40.

An average of $38 is recovered for every dollar spent on filing fees.

Neutral panels of over 8,800 claims professionals. Arbitration Forums assures members of high-quality arbitration decisions by utilizing over 8,800 arbitrators. All arbitrators must submit a Profile Form to determine their area of expertise. Arbitrators are then tested to determine if they will be appointed to a panel. To be considered, a prospective arbitrator must have at least five years claim handling experience.

A User-friendly process. Filing a case through Arbitration Forums is a simple and user-friendly process. Utilizing the FREE training programs offered by AF makes it even easier!

Available Free Training Programs and Materials. Training materials and workshops are offered to Arbitration Forums' members at no charge.

Over 70 years of experience. With over 70 years of experience in insurance-related dispute resolution and more than 743,000 cases processed annually, you are guaranteed a staff of knowledgeable people working for you.

A Nationwide network of over 4,700 companies. Through the years, Arbitration Forums has established a membership of over 4,700 insurers and self-insured organizations. See the Member Directory on this Web site for real-time member information.

Available Forums and Programs

Membership Qualifications

The services of Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) are available on a compulsory basis to all insurers, self-insured's, and commercial insured's with large retentions who have executed a signed agreement with AF.

All of AF's programs are designed with compulsory provisions requiring signatory members to forego the future litigation of disputes and have their differences settled within the applicable AF forum. The compulsory provisions specific to each of the forums are addressed in Article First of each of the agreements and addresses the requirement of signatories to bring disputes to arbitration.

Completing the Agreements

Each agreement has a section for member completion. All fields on the agreement must be completed with the exception of the subsidiary listing section. This section should only be completed if your organization intends on having more than one subsidiary participate in the same forum.

Please note, AF requires that agreements be signed by a corporate officer, senior level executive, or an individual that has the authority to bind your organization to a nationwide contract. The agreement is valid and binding from the date in which the agreement is signed.

Upon completion of the agreement, please mail the original signed copy to the attention of:

Arbitration Forums, Inc.
Attn: Membership Services
3820 Northdale Boulevard, Suite 200A
Tampa, Florida 33624